Scottish Driving Assessment Service

Driving Assessment Rig


This service offers driving assessment and/or advice for people who wish to commence, resume or continue driving after illness or injury, and also advises on vehicle modifications to enable safe driving or passenger travel for those with a disability.

Assessments are carried out by a therapist and/or a doctor and generally include:

•    Physical Assessment – range of joint movement, muscle strength and sensation, co-ordination and vision are tested.  An assessment of reasoning, memory and concentration may also be included depending on the person’s medical condition

•    Static Unit Assessment – conducted with the patient sitting in a test rig which allows us to identify the most appropriate methods for steering, braking and acceleration and is also used to measure reaction times

•    In-Car Assessment – this is carried out in one of the centre’s vehicles.  Automatic and manual cars are available, and we also have examples of the most frequently used modifications.

Assessment is free under the NHS, although a referral from a doctor is required, giving brief medical details relevant to driving, before an appointment can be arranged.

Referrals are accepted from all Scottish Health Boards.

Further details can be obtained from:

Marlene Mackenzie
Scottish Driving Assessment Service
SMART Centre
Astley Ainslie Hospital
133 Grange Loan,
Edinburgh, EH9 2HL

Tel. 0131 537 9192


General advice and information on driving with a disability or medical condition also available from

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