Wheelchair and Seating Service

Wheelchair repairs – 0131 537 9177

Should your wheelchair need to be repaired please call this number. For example, if your wheelchair chassis, wheels, castors, foot/leg rest, push handles, lap belt, standard tray, batteries, joystick or other such items require repairing. We will arrange for our in-house repair service to visit and repair your wheelchair within four working days at no cost to you. If you want to arrange repair yourself, we will reimburse you up to a cost of £25. You will need to send us the receipt for us to refund your money.

Special Seating repairs – 0131 537 9469

Call this number if your wheelchair special seating requires repair or adjustment. For example, seating insert, seating mounting system, headrest, harnessing, body support, adapted pelvic support, non standard foot/leg rest, special adapted knee abductor, non standard tray, wheelchair scanning control, modified joystick, other powered wheelchair modification, etc.

If you are calling about a repair, you may find it useful to open the following link which provides diagrams on Manual and Powered Wheelchair parts for both standard wheelchairs and wheelchairs with special seating.

Repair Priority

We prioritise repairs according to the Clinical Healthcare Quality Standards for Wheelchair & Seating Services as being either urgent or routine. A repair is urgent when a wheelchair and/or seating is/are not safe to use and the user is dependent on it. Any other repair is routine. A repair that would normally be classified as urgent may be classified as routine when the user needs their device only occasionally. An urgent repair may result in a follow up routine repair or provision, when a temporary alternative device is provided that is safe to use.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

This is the correction or prevention of faults by a programme of servicing, inspection and replacement of parts carried out at fixed intervals, to keep a medical device performing as intended. We aim to do this for every powered wheelchair annually.

Adverse Incidents – 0131 537 9177

If you have an adverse incident with your wheelchair, please call this number so that it can be recorded and followed up if necessary. This will help us to improve safety for everyone.

Wheelchair & Seating Glossary