SMART User Group

The SMART User Group was established to provide the opportunity for our patients and users of SMART Services to contribute to the service direction and development. This User Group provides service users with an opportunity to give feedback to management and clinical staff.

The key objectives of the group and scopes are as follows:

  • To develop dialogue between service users, carers, support staff and other stakeholders to help foster good communications and ensure that management are sighted on patient opinions and concerns.

  • To participate and contribute to the development of SMART Services through service redesign and future development e.g. re-provision of Astley Ainslie Hospital and ensure that the views of service users are fed into the process.

  • To oversee User Involvement across SMART Services.

  • To provide a forum for strategic development in relation to future service delivery.

  • Communication with different agencies i.e. other patient groups, charities and third sector.



A copy of the full Terms of Reference and Membership of the SMART User Group are available on the Reference & Membership page.

Please click on any of the following links to view previous minutes of the SMART User Group:

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If you have any questions about the SMART User Group or if you would be interested in joining the SMART User Network please complete the Feedback Form

If you are interested in becoming involved in other NHS Lothian Service areas please see the Working with Us page for further information.

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