Who do I contact if I need a repair to my seating system?

If you need a repair to any part of your NHS wheelchair, e.g. the brakes, tyres, seating canvas etc., then this should be reported to the Wheelchair Service on Tel. 0131 537 9177.

If you need a repair to any of the special seating adaptations supplied by the Wheelchair Seating Service, e.g. a custom-made seating insert or any other special adaptations, this should be reported to SMART Centre Workshop on 0131 537 9469.

Who do I contact if my seating system is no longer meeting my clinical needs?

You should first speak to a healthcare professional with whom you are in regular contact.  This might be a Community Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist or District Nurse or GP.  If necessary, they may then decide to submit a referral to the Wheelchair Seating Service.  You may choose to contact the service directly, but without the input of a healthcare professional regularly involved with your care, it may take the service longer to provide you with the best possible equipment to suit your needs.