Driving Assessment

How do I arrange a driving assessment?

You should ask your General Practitioner (or Hospital Consultant) to send us a letter, requesting an assessment and giving relevant medical details.  Once we receive this, you will be sent a short form to complete and your name will be placed on our waiting list.

In some cases, the DVLA refers people directly to our service when they require an assessment as part of their Driving Licence enquiries.

Which areas in Scotland does the service cover?

We are a national service and accept referrals from all NHS doctors in Scotland.  Assessments are carried out at the SMART Centre in Edinburgh.

Do I need a Driving Licence to be assessed?

In order to have a full assessment (i.e. including the in-car component), you must have a valid Driving Licence.

If you do not have a licence (e.g. if you are a novice and have not yet applied for a Provisional Licence, or if your licence has been revoked), we may be able to carry out a partial assessment.  In these instances we will not be able to take you out in a car, but we can give an opinion as to whether it is appropriate for you to make a licence application / reapplication to DVLA.

What happens at the assessment?

• We will check your vision to ensure that it meets the legal standards for driving, i.e. that you are able to read a standard car number plate from 20 metres / 65.5 feet (with glasses if worn)

• Depending on your medical condition, there may be a physical assessment, where we will look at your range of joint movement, muscle strength, sensation and co-ordination

• Again depending on your medical condition, we may carry out some table top tests of aspects such as reasoning, memory and concentration

• You will be assessed on our static rig, which allows us to select the most appropriate methods of control for steering, braking and acceleration, and can also be used to measure your reaction times

• Where appropriate, we will then proceed to an in-car assessment in one of the centre’s vehicles.  This will start in the hospital grounds and will usually continue onto public roads in the surrounding area.

Will DVLA be notified of the outcome of the assessment?

DVLA will only be notified of the outcome if it was DVLA who asked us to see you.  If your GP or hospital doctor refer you to us, we will only write back to him/her and will not contact DVLA.  We are happy, however, to send a copy of the report to DVLA if they subsequently write to us (with your signed consent) to request one.