custom design service

The custom design service provides custom designed or modified equipment where standard or commercially available equipment is not available. Our objective is to assist people in meeting their rehabilitation aims, and hence we can provide equipment for use in the home, workplace or to facilitate established leisure interests. We are, however, mainly involved with the following categories of equipment.

• aids for daily living, e.g. equipment for eating, drinking and personal care

• mobility aids, e.g. walkers

• therapeutic equipment, e.g. positioning systems, modifications to static seating.

We accept referrals from Allied Health Professionals, especially Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Prosthetists, and work closely with the referrer throughout the development process. Where possible, the service will adapt or modify existing equipment, but we can also design and manufacture custom devices when no alternative exists. We regret however that we are unable to manufacture devices which are already commercially available, or supply the equipment to be modified.