Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Bioengineering installed its first gait analysis system (consisting of 3 infra-red cameras, a force platform and an 8-channel EMG) in in the hospital’s physiotherapy gym in 1986. At first it was used for research and teaching purposes only. When the laboratory was relocated into its own space (within the main hospital building), the laboratory was renamed the ‘Anderson Gait Laboratory’. This was in recognition of the James and Grace Anderson Trust’s support and research funding. It was formally opened by the Scottish rugby international Gavin Hastings on 8th November 1995.

Gait analysis, like many other aspects of the service’s current work, started as research and development and gradually progressed in to a routine clinical service. Recurrent NHS funding was secured in 1996 for a clinical service. Today, the Gait Lab uses a gait analysis system consists of 6 high definition infra-red cameras, 2 force platforms and a 16-channel wireless EMG. The laboratory is staffed by a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team with particular expertise in cerebral palsy.

The laboratory has a highly successful research record with a particular focus on the clinical relevance of gait analysis in children with cerebral palsy. It has also published widely on the characterisation of normal gait in children and the development of the Edinburgh Visual Gait Score. Indeed, gait analysis accounts for around 25 of the 85 or so peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published on the service’s work.

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Written & compiled by Dr Michael J Dolan, SMART Centre, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh.

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